Doulas in Bangkok

I can’t stress how important it is to have a doula for your birth. To advocate for you. To help you navigate your birth. To help you get what you want. To help make sure your baby is taken care of. If you don’t speak Thai, to help you communicate with the hospital and carers. There are just so many reasons to have a doula.

Yes your husband can help with all those things, but he is on the same roller coaster ride as you and the doula is for him too.

And praise the universe, there are doulas in Bangkok!!! How do I find one you ask?

You can start by attending a “Choices in Childbirth” session run by Bangkok Doulas . Their facebook page has details. At these events you can meet doulas and have a chat to see if anyone is a good match for you.

How do I choose one?  Luckily we have a few in Bangkok. But you need to have a checklist of questions ready to make sure you are a match. This book, The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin actually has a list of questions in it for a doula. There are also multiple websites on line. DONA also provides a hiring guide

The Doulas

Rasee Govindani Rasee is a DONA certified doula who has supported a gazillion births in Bangkok, she speaks both Thai and English. And…she runs the best class in Childbirth Education Class in Bangkok. She also performs placenta encapsulation. Until recently she also ran Bangkok Breastfeeding Cafe which is a great support for new mums.

Erin Rothe Kannon Not only is Erin a doula and childbirth educator, Erin is also a trained midwife. If you want a home birth, she is your lady. She is also a naturopath and acupuncturist. Erin also provides breastfeeding counseling services.

Fran Safaie As well as being a doula, Fran is also a HypnoBirthing practioner (Mongan Method) and an Infant Massage Instructor.

Iasnaia certified doula who is currently studying to become and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Iasnaia also performs placenta encapsulation.

Emma McNerlin (More details soon.)

If you find yourself thinking twice about getting a doula because its an added cost or you aren’t sure if you need one, don’t think twice. Having a doula at your birth just makes it a million times better. Trust me. These ladies go above and beyond to help birthing mothers in Bangkok. They navigate an extremely challenging environment in Thai hospitals to help you get the birth that you and your baby deserve. 

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