Lifestyle Juice Cleanse

Lifestyle JuiceWho are Lifestyle Juice Cleanse?

Lifestyle Juice Cleanse are a Bangkok based company who specialise in 4 to 30 day juice cleanse/detox programs that replace normal eating with a diet of pure 100% raw, natural, fresh, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice. All their cold pressed juices are conveniently delivered straight to your door.

Bangkok Greenie interviewed Codi Mansbridge, who founded the company in April 2013 and is now the head of business development. Find out more about why Codi started his company and what makes Lifestyle Juice Cleanse shine in the Bangkok’s Juice scene.

Interview with Codi Mansbridge

1. What was your motivation to start Lifestyle Juice Cleanse?

At the end of 2012, I was 125kg, extremely overweight and in need of a change. A friend recommend a juice cleanse and I signed up for a 4 day cleanse. The first few days was extremely difficult, but after day 3, I was starting to feel light and energized. I started running again. The mental change that comes after a cleanse took me lifestyle Juice 2over and my diet started to change. I quickly did another cleanse and my juicing career started. It was another 12 months until I moved to Bangkok to start Lifestyle Juice.

2. There are many juicers in Bangkok at the moment, what do you think sets you apart, makes you shine in the juice arena?

Juicing is a buzz word at the moment, Asia is following the western world and getting healthy. Natural, fresh, raw is what people are after. In time Thailand will get juice educated, people will know why fresh raw juice is so special. Now when you ask what sets us apart I assume you are talking about other fresh juicers, not any concentrated or pasteurized juice.

Our Juice is 100% real Cold-Pressed. We are the only juicer to our knowledge that has a commercial cold-press machine. Lifestyle cleanse clients juice  all day, every day. The reboot cleanse is 6 bottles of fresh, raw juices daily—the equivalent of 13 pounds of produce in liquid form! Since one could not possibly digest that much produce in one day, it is necessary to remove all the bulk and fiber from the fruits and vegetables so that it is quickly and easily digested, while retaining the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes. Our  juices are completely smooth and pulp-free, for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. Not every juicer has the mechanical capability to accomplish this task, which is why the we require a very specific type of juicer.Lifestyle Juice 3

3. What do you think about the raw food movement?

The raw food movement can only grow and grow, I am a great supporter. Increasing the raw component of your diet even by a small percent can make a dramatic change to your life; mentally and physically. I also recommend some clients to try a raw food diet post cleanse when their taste buds are craving healthy food choices.

4. Where do you get your juice ingredients from?

Fresh produce is what makes our product so good. We have a purchasing officer who’s sole job is to build relationships with farmers from various fresh markets across Bangkok. Our various sources include two independent veggie supply companies “Siam Vegetable And Fruit” and the other one is under a personal name. We source mainly from “Talat Thai” and the Bangkok flower market. We source as much fresh, pesticide free and organic produce as possible.  We are always searching for new supply to improve our fresh produce section. 

5. Are your sources certified organic? And as such are your juices organic?

Some claim certification. However I would have to answer no. We are not organic at the moment. We are looking for more suppliers.

lifestyle juice 46. What are the juice bottles/containers made of?

Our bottles are made from PETE plastic and our delivery boxes are made from cardboard (80% recycled).

7. Do you have a recycling program for your bottles?

We will collect if clients request. We have a bottle return program in the pipeline for later in the year.

8. What mode of transportation do you use for your juice deliveries?

We use motorbikes.

9. How do you manage your juice waste? i.e. byproducts of juice making process.

Our juice byproduct is collected by some locals that have a small chicken farm. We have also been looking into supplying to a vegan chief that is looking to produce a raw cookie.

10. If you had to rate your Juice business on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is the least Eco-friendly, and 5 is the most Eco-friendly, how would you rate your juice and why?

When we started in April/May of 2013 we were 1, I would say now we are at 2-3 but we have an action plan to be 5 before the end of 2014. Our mandate is progress not perfection. We are working on improving a little bit month by month. Glass bottle option, bottle return, improving the packaging, and looking to push bike delivery option.

11. Tell us about your future plans.

Our juice cleanse programs are gaining popularity. The average client does a cleanse, loves it and starts asking “what’s next?”. We have 2 new major development for 2014.
We are launching a new retail range, it’s in a smaller bottle “240mL” and will start with 4 different blends. So keep your eyes out, you will see us soon in your local fresh food market. Also we have recently teamed up with a professional chief and started preparing healthy meal plans for our clients, which is a mix of healthy nutritionally balanced foods and your favorite raw juices.

12. What is your personal favorite juice that you offer?

I’m a green juice lover! Anything green I love. The greener the better. We just launched a new juice for the retail range “Kale, Apple, Lemon” it is fantastic. Come down to the next Bangkok Farmers Market and try it out.

Bangkok Greenie’s Rating

The most impressive thing about Codi is how open he has been with all the information he has provided in this interview. Transparency to the consumer is very important when you are running a health related business. Codi has great future plans for Lifestyle Juice Cleanse, plans to expand the business as well as to make it more eco friendly.

Green Rating: 3/5 on the green-o-meter. Lifestyle Juice Cleanse are the only juicers out of all interviewed who are doing something productive with their juice waste products by feeding the waste to chickens. Their future plans include having a glass bottle option, bottle return program, improving the packaging, and a potential push bike delivery option. All these plans all make their future a greener one.

** Opinions are Bangkok Greenie’s own. Note this rating does not rate their juice, nor their service, it is purely a rating of how eco friendly, organic their business is. Rating given in April 2014.

For more information on Lifestyle Juice Cleanse, visit their website or contact them directly.

P: +66 02 711 2146 . +66 08 08820781